Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Swan lake (donated to charity function)
In May 2011 we headed off to Shoreham to a Craft Weekend Retreat. Most of the ladies in attendance scrapbooked to their heart's content, and i got to paint all weekend after i purchased a little desk easel, so i wasn't off in the corner all by myself.

During the weekend, I and painted and drafted a few more ballet paintings to keep me busy ( and to replace the one above that was sold recently at the market) and more exciting, i had a few volunteers who posed for portrait practice.

Sandy, seated. (gifted to Sandy)
Sandy was one of the first to brave the cold weather in the name of art- as it is winter here in Australia in May.

The rest of the weekend i tried my luck at painting animals- cats and dogs belonging to the other ladies at the craft retreat.
The women were so excited to be gifted the finished products to take home with them.

Duchess (gifted to my niece Amy)

Bella (Gifted to Sarah)

Sandy's mate (gifted to Sandy)

Brewster the pup (Gifted to Peter)

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