Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Latest painting- My homeage to Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

I was lucky enough to visit the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra on 20th February 2010, to view the wonderful works of the Masters of Paris.
After viewing the most beautiful artworks, I decided to paint a copy of one of my favourite paintings from the exhibition:

Redhead (Bathing) (Rousse La toilette) by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, completed in 1889 oil on card.

The original painting is believed to be of his favourite model (Carmen Gaudin), is thought to be set in his studio and was probably painted from real life. The setting implies that the woman was a courtesan from the brothels that he frequented.

My copy of this painting will grace my bedroom wall.

So this is how i started....

My initial Sketch

My painting will be completed on a stretched canvas on wooden frame.  I started this painting by drawing the model and furniture, with a faint view of the floorboards and wall in the distance.


I painted in the floorboards, the wall and layed down the intial furniture in brown tones.
I then covered the background with a white wash, so they are only a faint trace, which will then hopefully bring the model to the front, once i start to paint her in.

After that, i.......
I started painting the blanket, towelling, hair and stockings in the traditional colors of Toulouse's original painting, then had an idea....

Realising the artwork would take pride of place in my own beautiful pink bedroom, i changed the color scheme to pink towelling, so it would suit my room better.

Another change of color.....

Then i added pink walls, a blue rug and softened the floorboards and repainted the bathtub and added skintone.

Being that the artwork would be displayed in my own bedroom, i chose to keep more realistic skintones, rather than the really white tones of the original.

Then a changed to the rug color....
A quick outlined the furniture, painted her hair red and yellow oche with black highlights.... and then i was done.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my painting, as it developed. Please feel free to leave a comment. thanks.

To view actual photos from our visit to the Masters of Paris Exhibition and the Portrait Gallery, visit my other blog called "Artists on the loose"- you'll find the link on this page.


Melinda said...

Nice work! I look forward to checking back in and seeing your process and reading your thoughts.
Best wishes in your art journey!!

Nadine said...

Beautiful work - I like how you were inspired and captured the progressive. Just fabulous!