Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have just been inspired by Fabian Perez's artwork!

When i returned to my Art Class after my surgery, we were told that the group was no longer going to all paint the same thing, we were not longer going to follow our teacher by example. We were to bring in our OWN favourite photos or photocopies of our favourite artwork which we would attempt to copy with individual instruction from our teacher, Clive Sinclair of course.
Clive believes the best way to learn painting techniques was to develope them yourself.

So, i started to troll the internet for some inspiration, and what did i stumble across:
The most beautiful artwork by Fabian Perez!
Fabian's website address is : http://www.fabianperez.com/
Do yourself a favour and have a look at his absolutely beautiful work!
Shown here, is one of his lovely paintings. Absolutely stunning!!!

Fabian paints the most beautiful women in the world.
My all-time favourite from his collection, would have to be his flamenco dancers.

So with paints, brushes and a canvas sheet attached to a board and a photocopy of his beautiful red flamenco dancer in hand, i travelled to class........... and below are photos of MY finished artwork. I was really proud of this painting, as it was the very first one that really showed potential in class.
This is Fabian Perez's original artwork piece.

Flamenco Delight-

close up of flamenco delight

Relaxing on the bed

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