Saturday, October 9, 2010


My pencil draft of tango passion
In my neverending quest for stunning Tango paintings to practice painting in class, i stumbled across an artist called Ron McDowell
(Ron is another artist who has an online store with
i can be found on this site too- the link to my fineartamerica website can be found on this blog- you can then type in Ron't name in the search engine on the site.)

I simply loved his artwork piece called Tango Reborn, so i have decided to complete an artwork piece of my own, inspired by this painting in class over a two week period called Tango Passion.

Below is Ron's original painting- Tango Reborn
Ron mcdowell's tango reborn
I just LOVE the lines of the bodies in this painting- and the shine in her patent leather shoes is stunning- soooo want a pair of red shoes like that!

So whilst away at the Weekend Retreat in Shoreham, i set aside time to pencil in my initial drawing based on Ron's painting one evening.

First week back in painting class, i set about creating my own version of this painting- based on my favourite color schemes.

So this is what i finished in my first 2 hour class on Tuesday night. I painted the background in a range of dark burgandy to lightened red tones-

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