Thursday, January 5, 2012


Another of my favourite artists is Henry Asencio. His completed artwork piece sometimes called 'untitled, woman in black dress' and other times called 'elegance'- is one of my favourite paintings, regardless of what it is called.

Whilst henry's painting features a vivid red background and a black dress, my version will be a little different, so it suits my loungeroom instead.

I LOVE the stance that his model had, so painting it with a view of hanging it in our loungeroom, i will be changing the color scheme.
With walls in a mustard color called "sandy beach"  in our room, and wanting it to keep this artwork piece similar to the other women in my loungeroom with red/burgandy textured dresses and motteled mustard color backgrounds, my artwork piece will look very different to henry's by the time i have finished.

here is the work on my 2012 project, so far....

a three toned mustard color is added to the background.

I have let the artwork piece sit for a little while in my studio and i think i still need to lighten the top and darken the lower portions, to give a real opposite feeling to the dark tones and highlights.

A few days later.......
On another day of my holidays, i set up my ipod on the speaker, with music blaring, i set to work on the dress and then the skin tones.

Here i am with my painting,
still being worked on.
the finished painting, waiting for it to dry
so i can hang it in the loungeroom

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