Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dancing is passion, movement and looks like so much fun!

I am very privileged to have now been introduced to a number of wonderful dancers who practice their craft at MarShare Dance studios in Langwarrin. The Dance Studio facebook page can be found at this link;

These wonderful new friends have invited me into their own facebook albums and given me permission to source a group of photos that i can use for inspiration for my upcoming artwork. For this i am truly thankful.

Here's just a handful of the many many beautiful, stunning, passionate dance photographs from only a few of my new dance friends:  a handful of photos that have sparked my interest and ignited the flame inside me.... can't wait to hit the canvas with my paints!

Over the next few months, i will be commencing a range of artwork pieces, all dance inspired, for the exhibition scheduled for December in Mentone.

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