Thursday, August 30, 2012

Excited! We're having an exhibition in December.

Well it's official.The exhibition is on!

Our art class has decided to hold an exhibition from 14th December to 16th December 2012 in Mentone Victoria, so now the fun really starts. There about 15 of us, who under the tuition of our teacher Clive Sinclair, will be showing our artworks.
There will be a collection of different artwork types on show. Watercolors, oils, pencil drawings, and my favourite- acrylic.

Talk has already started about the amount of space each of us will have to show our wares, framing and how to showcase unframed artwork that won't fit in our official wall space, opening night festivities, and most importantly, what our group will call itself (the sinclair suspects and the wednesday night wankers have been names already suggested).

For those of you who have been following my blog for some time, know that i have used other artists artworks to cut my teeth on, while painting in class. Learning tones, brush-strokes & techniques by copying the old masters work, and taking inspiration from many current artists have resulted in class being an absolute pleasure. Current artists like Karrie Evenson and Fabian Perez have inspired me immensely. For example- the painting shown here, is my version of Fabian Perez's flamenco dancer.

But now, with a proper exhibition in the pipeline, the time has come to step up and paint Caroline Martin originals. HOW EXCITING!!!

So i gave some thought as to what i would like to fill my space with???
i want to paint passion, movement. love and fun - so dance won. Dance is passionate, dance is intimate, dance is downright sexy and dance is simply beautiful.

So with the help of a good friend Jodie-Anne Blair and her wonderful dance friends, i will be collecting a number of photographs of couples and individuals dancing, to use to inspire a whole range of artwork pieces. Those who provide photos for me to use for inspiration, will be most welcome to join us on opening night to view my masterpieces and socialise with our painting class.

i would like to thank those dancers, who have already been welcoming to me, who have accepted my facebook friend requests, replied to inbox messages, have confirmed that they would be comfortable with me using their images from photos that other people have taken, have consented to me checking out their photos for more dance inspiration and for the encouragement.
i hope you will like the artworks that your passion, movement and fun inspire in me.

So i look forward to posting the odd hint of a painting over the next few months, to entice people to come visit us at the exhibition.

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