Thursday, April 26, 2012


After selling a painting right off my lounge room wall (see previous post about my surprise sale)
i set about replacing the empty space on the wall with this painting.

Yet another painting featuring my favourite scheme- exposed skin, red hot textured clothing just perfect to touch, and a misty yellow/green/mustard background showcasing light and shadows.

The only thing missing from this painting, was the standard glass of red wine, that appears on many of the other artwork pieces that hang in my lounge room. lol

Then with a change in scenery, i started experimenting with different color schemes, different themes.....
I started working on a painting (inspired by pino daeni's artwork called  "Morning Breeze Lady").
This time, i decided to abandon my normal red romantic theme and quieten down the tones with nurturing green and yellow tones.

This artwork piece was perfect to match my brand new bedspread (which was light green with a few touches of pink....).

Then i started painting a few "sea change" images, of women, windblown, standing on the edge of the water.

Then i finally got sick of seeing beautiful women, in paint, on my canvas.

Was it the lack of male company, or the fact that i too, had discovered the new Grey's phase that was hitting the world? All of a sudden, i decided that i wanted to paint something else.

All of a sudden my brushes took a new path.....

A few of the ladies at the last retreat had suggested i try a bit of eye candy just for them. 
So, by popular request- and with Christian Grey as inspiration, i put my pencil to the canvas and tried something completely different!

Here's a sneak peak at my newest artwork....

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