Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Caught out with nothing prepared AGAIN!

Second week back,and i got all excited, as we were scheduled to have a nude model.

i just LOVE painting skin tones, so i got dressed summer style, as the heaters would be on full bore to keep our little model warm and toasty, only to arrive in class to find that the model was unwell (sick and throwing up at home).

So there i was, raring to go, paints, pencils, canvas sheets, with absolutely nothing to paint and nothing pre-prepared.
What was a girl to do???

luckily i still had the photos on my mobile phone from the Christina Perri concert i went to several months back, so i picked one, and threw caution to the wind.

Without pre-preparation, there was no drafting up my standard 16 square graph, it was all done by sight, straight onto the canvas board and then throw the paint at it.   So unlike me, and my organisational style.  

This is the results of a good 2 hour class........below you can see the original photo from the concert, and above, my painting of christina in full flight.

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